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Financial counseling with the Financial Empowerment Center has helped clients achieve and exceed their goals.
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Akron FEC

Felicia came to the Akron FEC because she was a victim of identity theft, which gravely impacted her credit score. “I had issues financing my car and even trying to find my first apartment. I had been trying hard to dispute the things I didn’t do, but I needed a financial counselor to help.”

With the help of her counselor, Felicia was able to dispute these issues and raise her credit score 70 points. “One of my main goals was to raise my credit score so that it can be high when I am ready to own a home.”

Nashville FEC

Alan was living in his car, suffering from the financial stress of student loans and credit card debt. “I was a mess with my finances. I never thought I could get out it.”

In just one year of working with a counselor at the Financial Empowerment Center, Alan increased his credit score by 100 points, to a score that allowed him to refinance his house, which has lowered his monthly payments by nearly $400.

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Nashville FEC

Adrienne Clark really wanted to own her own home, but her financial problems felt like a real roadblock. “My sister would say to me, ‘We can’t even afford to buy five pieces of bubble gum with our credit.’”

“My counselor pulled my credit report during my first session,” Adrienne said. “She set up a budget plan for me that she knew I could handle.” For an entire year, Adrienne kept to her plan, worked to rebuild her credit, and finally bought her own house.

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