Financial Empowerment Resources

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COVID-19 Financial Resources

Loss of Employment
Economic Impact Payment/ Stimulus Checks
Assistance with Bills & Loans
  • General Bills/ Loans: If you are anticipating having trouble paying bills or loans on time then reach out early to lenders and creditors

    • RG&E: suspended late fees, deposits for new accounts, and disconnections for non-payment

    • Spectrum: waived late fees and will not terminate service for 60 days

  • Credit Cards: Many major credit card companies have put new procedures in place to assist those who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your provider and see what procedures they have put in place to assist you.​

  • Student Loans: If you are unable to make payments on your student loans then you may qualify for a delayed or reduced payment program:​

    • New York State is temporarily halting collection of student loan and medical debt referred to the Office of the Attorney General for collection until June 16, 2020. This applies to people who have debt owed to the state, such as to SUNY campuses.

      • Interest will not accrue and fees won’t be collected while the collection of debt is suspended

      • The Attorney General’s Office will also accept applications for a suspension of all other types of debt owed to the state. The application can be found at: call 1-800-771-7755

    • Federal student loan payments suspended through September 30, 2020 and interest will not accrue during this time. Click here for more information.

    • For private student loans, call your loan servicer to ask about relief options if you are experiencing financial hardship. In NY, you can expect payments to be deferred for

  • Home Mortgage: All New York State regulated financial institutions are required to provide 90-day mortgage forbearance for individuals experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your loan provider for more information on how to apply for forbearance.

    • If you have been denied forbearance, and believe your application was wrongly denied you may file a complaint with the New York State Department of Financial Services at 1-800-342-3736 or

  • Rent: Residents of the Rochester Housing Authority (RHA)-owned public housing and are participating in Section 8 programs whose income has been affected by Coronavirus/COVID-19 may apply to have their rent payments temporarily reduced by up to 100 percent.

Assistance Filing Taxes
  • The NYS tax filing deadline and IRS Federal tax filing deadlines have been pushed to July 15, 2020. All taxes owed to NYS and the IRS will need to be paid by this date as well.  

Consumer Protection from Fraud
Small Business Resources
  • Small Business Grants

  • Small Business Coaching & Technical Support

    • The City of Rochester Mayor's Office of Community Wealth Building offers free one-on-one professional business coaching and technical assistance for small business owners or individuals who would like to start their own small business. For more information email:

  • Information from New York State for Business Owners

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Financial Empowerment Resources

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