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Meet the Counseling Team

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All of our counselors are accredited by the
National Foundation for Credit Counseling 

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Each of our counselors have unique backgrounds and experiences, but all FEC Counselors are equally qualified through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Our counselors are equally equipped to help you increase your savings, pay down your debt, improve your credit, and to help you access safe and affordable banking opportunities.


FEC Manager
Certified by the NFCC


Mina is the program manager for the Rochester Financial Empowerment Center. In this role, she provides the support and direction necessary for the counselors to fully assist all clients.

Mina has an MPA from SUNY Brockport University and came to us after working with ESL Bank. In her free time, Mina enjoys writing poetry, dancing, and being outdoors.


"I feel privileged and excited to be part of the FEC team serving in the Rochester area! I am passionate about the client-counselor relationship. Changes and empowerment happen when respect and trust are established. My goal for our clients is for us to be interested in them, to hear them, and to see them as valued individuals. My hope is that clients would leave our offices feeling heard and empowered."

-Mina Hatami

Stacey walker

Stacey worked at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester for about 14 years in multiple departments. Most recently, she worked as the supervisor of the Accounting Department. Although Stacey enjoyed her many different roles, counseling is her passion. When she’s not at work, Stacey enjoys spending quality time with her husband and children or scrap-booking.

“My favorite part of the FEC model is that it’s one-on-one so we can really spend quality time in helping clients meet their needs and goals.”

-Stacey Walker

FEC Counselor

Certified by the NFCC

Juan Lozada

Juan served the Rochester community as a financial counselor for two years at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester before joining the FEC counseling team. When Juan isn't at work, he enjoys playing the violin and percussion instruments. 

"I’m excited about the FEC program because I know it will make a huge difference in people’s lives!  In the past, I have worked as a Catholic marriage counselor and recognize that financial differences are one of the biggest issues in many marriages. Finances affect everyone, from all backgrounds, and it’s important that we provide the support people need"

-Juan Lozada

FEC Counselor
Certified by the NFCC

       Fluent in Spanish

Latasha McGill

Latasha worked in banking and community development for over 15 years before joining the FEC counseling team. When she isn't at work, Latash enjoys planning trips and traveling to new cities across the globe.


"I love that the FEC is going to be a fixture in the community that will provide free longstanding financial counseling. We have the connections to help our clients overcome their barriers. I used to work with homebuyers in foreclosure prevention so I have developed a passion to help people purchase homes and prevent foreclosures through budgeting and managing their finances!"

-Latasha McGill

FEC Counselor
Certified by the NFCC

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