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Pay Down Your Debt

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Start paying down your debt today!

Not sure where to begin with paying down your debt? Already working to pay down your debt? Either way, our counselors can work with you to make a plan to get you debt-free.

Meet with a counselor and start working on a plan to pay down your student loans, home loans, car loans, credit card bills, and more.
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Pay down car loans

Don't let an old car loan keep you from achieving your goals. We're here to help you find the resources you need to pay off old loans and work toward new goals.

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"Reducing debt has many benefits. The lower the debt the more your credit score increases. Lenders will see that you have the financial capability and be more open to extending credit for a mortgage, car loan, etc. Increasing cash flow will give you the ability to save money for future needs and retirement."

- Juan Lozada, FEC Counselor

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